Windows 7 Auto resize frustration!

Is it possible to prevent the ridiculous auto "full screen" when one tries to move a window partially off screen - this feature is one of several "new to Win 7" :skull: that make me yearn to return to XP Pro... (My new laptop cannot be configured with Win XP...)
For heavens sake Gates - I moved it off screen because I wanted it out of the way - if I wanted to open it I just double click :rolleyes: - what pathetic user asked for such a feature? :( What software imbecile implemented it without including an option to disable it? :worry: and what member of Microsoft had the stupidity to permit such irrational system operation...:mad:

All the more reason to encourage everyone to use Linux, Mozilla Firefox and Firebird....


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Start, type in "Window Arrange", follow link, disable the feature you hate so much.. also this is a double post I replied to your other post earlier..

I already have the box selected to prevent going full screen when window moves to edge of screen. However, the window goes full screen frequently when I'm just trying to move it a bit. It is so frustrating!! Is there a setting available to prevent this from happening?

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