Auto-Restart Mystery Problem

My computer fails to go into Sleep mode, and it also will automatically restart about 1-2 seconds after shutting down.

This issue initially arose when I had the RC installed. During that time, I had been able to Sleep the computer just fine, but one time it seemed to randomly fail. The screen merely went black (the monitor was on, but it was displaying a full black screen) and the computer itself still seemed to be fully on. No keyboard or mouse input would put me back in Windows, it was just stuck there, so I powered it off. After that, booting up failed (a couple times) because it was trying to resume a failed sleep state. Once I got it to boot normally (by selecting the "delete restoration data" option), sleeping would still fail and shutting down caused an auto-restart. I now have to shut down, wait for the computer to automatically start booting again and then hold the power button to get it to turn off.

Attempted Troubleshooting:
Since then, I have flashed my BIOS, reset my BIOS to defaults (multiple times), and done a clean install of 7 Professional. I had thought that since flashing/resetting my BIOS didn't fix anything it was a problem with my Windows install, but since the problem has carried over to a clean install of the OS I'm now inclined to suspect the motherboard or BIOS again.

I have made sure that my LAN cards (wired/wireless) are both set to not wake on LAN activity. All of the special "Power On" settings (keyboard, mouse, etc.) in my BIOS are disabled. All of my drivers are up to date, and I'm sure that I have no malware/viruses infecting my PC. I've also tried closing all programs and turning off my monitor before shutting down. Nothing has worked.

The only thing I can think is that some small part of my motherboard is corrupted or damaged, though everything else seems to be functioning just fine. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?:confused:

System Custom
OS Windows 7 Professional
CPU Intel Core2 Duo E8500
Motherboard Asus P5QL Pro
Memory 4 GB
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 8800GT
Sound Card Onboard
Monitor Hanns-G JW199D

I did run the built-in memory test (not checkdisk, it was a memory test) that is an option when boot-up fails in Windows. I ran the "extended" version and no errors or anything came up.


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It's not really good enough that test and the one outlined is the 'industry standard'... I'd try it just in case...


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Does it do the same thing in safe mode?

I see you have an 8800GT. It seems that card has come up quite a bit in the forum. Would not seem to be related, but something to think about.

Have you done a SFC /scannow from an administrative command window? If you have a new install, it should not find anything, but doesn't hurt to try.

Are you sure all the motherboard connections are correct?

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