Windows 7 Auto window re-sizing


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Is it possible to disable the feature that re-sizes a window to full-screen when I (accidentally) move the window slightly off screen. I find this to be very annoying!:(
When moving a window by left-clicking at the top of the window and dragging up, or to the left or right, the window will re-size as soon as the pointer reaches the screen edge. For right or left the window is placed at the corresponding side of the screen, but for a top of screen "hit", the window will be maximized. Because the pointer is so near the upper border of the window, it is difficult to avoid triggering the full-screen switch when all I want to do is to position the window at the top of my screen.
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Its called Aero Snap. I also find it a not so good feature and had the same problem as you. Not to worry.

Control Panel > Ease of Access > click make my mouse easier to use and then put a tick in the box next to prevent windows from being automatically arranged when move to the edge of screen and it will turn Aero Snap off.
btw just a side-note: you can also arrange windows by windows key + arrow. especially left/right arrow can be really useful if you need to use two applications side-by-side!