Automatic login with blank fields. Now no login to Windows 7..

I wanted to setup my PC so that it would automatically login to Windows 7. With previous versions of Windows, I have left the login and password fields blank. I assumed the same was the case with Windows 7. So I went to setup the automatic login. I chose my administrator account and left both the login and password blank. When the PC rebooted it said, username and password incorrect. Something to that effect.. The other accounts listed are "Vmware" and "Other user". Neither I have any idea what the login or password is. I bought this PC from a mom and pop computer place on ebay. I don't think it came with the Windows 7 dvd. I've tried to login with safe mode or pressing control alt delete on startup and doesn't work.

Well any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hello and welcome.

You want to always set a password, for security reasons.

Then, type netplwiz in the start menu and press enter. Use this to set it so the password is not needed to be typed at login.

There are tools to reset the password to anything you'd like:

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thanks for the reply. When I chose to have no username and passwords (blank for each) I think that removed the administrator account. As I do not see it listed on startup. I've only have two accounts listed "Other user" and "Vmware". Neither I know the username and passwords to. I did run the software and it said the password was successfully changed. The user "Vmware" only asks for a password. The user "Other user" asks for both a username and password. Any feedback would be great!

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