automatic switching from wi-fi interface to

Hi. I have my netbook connected to router. But
sometimes i need to connect it by ethernet port to copy some big files quickly.
In this case i had to turn my wi-fi connection off by hand. Can i tune my
windows 7 so this swithing from wi-fi to ethernet port goes automatically. And
switch back to wi-fi after disconnect cable?


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Try this for prioritizing your network connections in the order of preference.
Click the start orb and type
hit enter
From the menu bar select Advanced -> Advanced Settings
In the frame labeled "Connections" select your wired connection and use the arrow buttons at the right to move it to the top.
OK your way back out of there and reboot.
This should result in your wired adapter have priority and if not connected, your connection should then fail over to the wireless connection (second in list).
Hope that helps
EDIT: Please note that whenever the menu bar is not present in any window tap the "Alt" Key to invoke it.

Thanks, but this not works. i'v changed priority of
local network connection to top, rebooted netbook, but nothing changed. Why so?


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Depending on your router you may be able to simultaneously use both connections with the router making the best use of the bandwidth available on each. You may prefer to use a third part option such as bridgechecker from here:

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