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Hi, I am having problems with autoplay, it doesn't open when I insert a disc. I get a message that tells me that I don't have a program installed as default when opening a dvd, same with audio discs but I have media player. I can still explore and install programs and have found i can open DVDs with Power DVD but I would like to find out why DVDs and CDs just don't open. I have autoplay ticked in default autoplay settings and have attached the message I get when I try to open from my computer. Help, thanks.:(


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That's the Windows default to try and prevent bad things from auto installing. Go into the control panel find Default programs and in there is Change auto play settings.


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In your second picture, you don't seem to have any actions chosen for some items, including audio ("ask me everytime")?
Open Autoplay in the Control panel (icon view) and work down the list. Here is mine for example. I chose the built in media player in most instances, only for convenience.

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