Autoplay Option for external Storage!


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Hi, i've currently disabled the autoplay to no action for all the options set in the autoplay options in control panel however whenever i connect a external storage like external hd thats split into 3 or 4 partitions i get 4 pop up options on what i want to do & its really annoying. Is there something different i need to edit for external mass storage devices?


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For those using Home Premium (gpedit.msc not available) open Control Panel and change from category view to either large or small icons
and click Autoplay.
Uncheck the box at top "use autoplay for all...."

Don't forget to click save at bottom of page.

It's unfortunate that among the long list of devices and media on this control panel
there isn't one for external devices.

This forces the all or nothing approach.

Actually it's been said that autoplay can be dangerous.
For example a CD could contain malware that would be executed by autoplay.

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The bigger problem is flash drives have become so prevenant and lots more people use them. Just stick in a shirt pocket pull it out and plug in a USB port.


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Yeah Joe, I actually have seen a virus on a flash drive.
My nephew has a Macbook with XP on it in a dual boot.
I was transferring .jpeg files to my thumb drive from his XP side
and apparently his XP side had a nasty that downloaded to my thumb drive.
The nasty included an Autorun.ini file that would have executed the nasty the moment
I plugged it in to my computer if I had autoplay active.

As it is my A\V alerted me as soon as I plugged it in.

My A\V probably would have preventing execution anyway but who knows.

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