A╗┐UѐV@=!!​☼VѐL error before Windows 7 loads

Last week I just got a new Lenovo IdeaCentre, model: K330B-77471TU computer and have set it up, removed the trialware junk and installed a few programs (Norton AntiVirus, Office 2007, iTunes). The last program I installed was ImgBurn version yesterday. Twice today (I have rebooted about ten times) I have gotten an error just before Windows 7 Home Premium loads. These weird A╗┐UѐV@=!!☼VѐL characters appear in the upper left corner of the screen when the screen is black (like in the old DOS days) before the animated Windows 7 graphic appears which loads before the user sign-in screen. Once I click the enter key, Windows 7 continues to load ok to the user sign-in screen.

Any clue as to what this A╗┐UѐV@=!!☼VѐL error means and how I can fix it?

Is there anyway to determine what is trying to load before the Windows 7 animated grapic appears?

How can I investigate what needs to be fixed?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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What vijaysaradhi answered you on the Lenovo forum is the best way to see what is loading with Windows. Use the msconfig: http://tinyurl.com/3psprgf

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