Windows 7 Avast 7.0.1456 Causing Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Security' started by Joe S, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I've used Avast free for a long time. I've just spent over a week trying to find the cause of various BSODs and screen freezes. I tried a lot of things like updating drivers and restoring an image. This version of Avast is buggy there is a on and off problem with the definition update being sounded twice. I suspect that they may be trying to add fixes in with the definition updates. It ran fine for about 4 weeks than began having problems. I also have Comodo free firewall and Mbam free. The real frustration was the BSODs weren't always the same and and sometimes nonexistent. The same with the freezes sometimes an event and sometimes not. My sister began experiencing the same on her desktop and laptop. All 3 systems are Windows 7 64 bit. Switching to AVG free seems to have fixed all 3. Just thought I'd pass it on.
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    From all I've heard and read and learned, I'm bound to believe MSE is the best of freebies. Personally I have Avast Internet Security, a paid version. I like to have paid versions in crucial programs, it gives me the full of their support, and that support is most often instant. Like I have a paid for Windows!

    Free versions of security programs are, may I say, more tempting than complete. Updates may slither, they don't come regularly or automatically... or whatever.

    $30 or 40 for security, is that a big deal? How many liters of gasoline is it, or how many Big Macs? You know, programmers need a living, don't they?

    Cheers, pal. :)

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