AVG Antivirus Prog. causes Win 7 RC Freeze

I've been running the release candidate of Win 7 quite happily for some time (3 mo or so). A late update to my AVG antivirus program has caused the system to freeze and not respond. The msg is AVGTrayMainWnd is not responding. I am unable to access or shut it down. The only thing I am able to do is reboot! Any ideas on how I can remove or disable the AV program?

I'm running AVG Internet Security 9.0 with no issues so far. Is this something I need to worry about?

Thanks for the help! I was able to completely remove AVG with the Remover. This solved my problem with Win 7! The system freezing after loading was preventing other corrective actions that I attempted. Thanks again!

My Win 7 RC was operating quite happily with AVG until a Nov. update to AVG. This caused the problem of system freezing and indicating AVGTrayMainWnd never completed its scheduled operations. I employed the AVG Remover suggested above by Drew and it solved the problem!

My system is the the 32-bit Win 7 RC!!!

Thanks for the information. I'll keep a look out for this. So far my AVG updates have been OK (I'm running 64bit). I'll follow the removal tool procedure as per Drew's advice.

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