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I recently uninstalled AVG Software & intalled Fix-it Utilities 11 Professional. The problem I am having is to get Windows 7 Firewall back in operation. When I try to turn back on the Firewall I get the message. Windows Firewall can't change some of your settings. Error code 0x80070422. Does anyone know what this error code means & how can I get the Windows Firewall back in operation.


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Type services.msc in the Start Menu search box. Launch Services. Find Windows Firewall and double click it. Make sure Startup type: is Automatic and then start the service. When started try to re-enable the firewall again.


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Additionally you may want to followup your AVG uninstall with their proprietary uninstaller, located here AVG - Download tools just to make sure there is nothing left over that might be messing with the windows firewall.

Thank's for you help, that resolved the problem. Instead of windows firewall being on automatic, it was set for disabled. My firewall is now operational.
Thank's for your help.


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No problem, glad you're sorted.
I would also follow Troubles advice. Leftover AV software files and registry entries can interfere with your new set up.

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