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im having some internet speed issues lately with high latency, wich led me to investigate through the Netstat command, one thing i have noticed is an intermitent internet connection opened by this "Avg.exe.", after a quick seach this apllication seems to be some sort of malware/spyware wich operates hidden in the system. Other theories say it to be Avg antivirus, wich i don't have installed on my computer. I have Internet security 2011 from kaspersky, ran all the scans possible and nothing detected as a threath.

Any info about this matter? Is this really a threath? If so, how can i deal with it?

I got Windows 7 fully updated, Internet security 2011 Kaspersky updated, so are every other system components


Avg.exe AVG Anti-Spyware - AVG Anti-Spyware - GRISOFT s.r.o.

Check if AVG Antispyware is installed, search in Control Panel > Programs and Components. Uninstall AVG cause it sure conflicts with Kaspersky.

Scan your sytem for malware too, because a malware can come under the guise of anything, security, updates, patches, etc.

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Was this a new PC that perhaps came with AVG installed?

If it is AVG (and it sounds like it to me), as cybercore said, it will interfere with your Kaspersky so you need to get rid of it. AVG actually make a removal tool which can be got from here.
Might be a good idea to run it as well.

It would also be a good idea to download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, update it and then do a scan.

Problem seems sorted, thanks for both contributions, the removal tool is actually pretty usefull.


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Glad to have contributed.

Yep, you are much welcome. : )

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