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First, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this one but since Avira's website offers absolutely no help at all, I'm going to try. After yesterday's update (03-31), Avira started scanning as usual. This time however, it started giving an extreme ammount of virus report. Basicly, it said that half of my computer was infected with this W32/Sality.AT. Every 30 seconds the notifier would pop-up ask to remove stuff. Since I know that these are false reports, I usually click "Details" and tell it to "Always ignore". Sometimes it jams and the window doesn't open and I can't do anything about it. So now I got about a quarter of my programs that are broken and sometimes Aviral wants me to delete system critical files. Now what I want to do is delete Avira but I want to restore my programs before doing this. I managed to lower it's sensibility and create some exceptions but thats about all I can do. And yes, I tried. Do I have to do a restore a previous version of the system (I don't remember the term) or is there a way to restore my programs with Avira? Note that I can't format my comp right now so it's not an option. Also, I'm using the free in case it has somthing to whit it.

Remove this AV through control panel and instal Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) it is free it is for XP, Vista and W7
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The thing is, I said that I wanted to restore my broken programs BEFORE removing Avira. And I already know how to uninstall something. I've ben using computer for several years, so I know the basics.


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This sounds like you may have a virus that is faking being Avira.
I saw one that fakes being AVG just a few weeks ago.

Start your computer in Safe Mode and run Malwarebytes and see what it finds.

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You will probably have to download and install it in safe mode as well.

I think you will find that in this case, Avira is the virus and if it is removed your computer will go back to working normally.



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No, Avira's not the virus. I got from the official website itself.


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Ok, so what I did was that I made a system restauration with one before their update and cut the connection so that it didn't update itself. I then followed Super Sarge's instruction and installed MSE. MSE still detected the "virus" but since it's more efficient than Avira, I was able to clean the computer.


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So, yeah, now it's running fine. It seems that Avira was being very oversensitive and unpractical. I forgot to mention that I'm on W7, and that I had Avira for about 6 months before this incident.

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