Avoid UAC Prompt for Trusted Program that Launches at Startup

I have an app that is supposed to run at startup. It has an option in it to "Start with Windows", but Windows 7's UAC insists on prompting me every time. I tried making a new task in Task manager to run it at startup, and using "Run with hightest Priveleges", but it doesn't work. The app just doesn't start at all. I am using an admin account, and I've disabled the "Start with Windows" setting in the app itself.

Any ideas?

Any chance it's just not compatible w/ 7? Have you tried running it via the Compatibility Tool?



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Does it run normally? ie. from the start menu? If not, then it probably is a compatibility issue. Hor info, what is the program?

It's D3DOverrider, and yes, it works fine on Windows 7.

I set it to start at Logon instead of Startup, and it seems to be working. Why would it not be able to launch at startup?

Also, am I doing it right? On this tread it appears to have been suggested to make a task which launches the program with admin privileges, then a desktop shortcut to the task, and then another task to run the shortcut at logon or startup. Is there something I'm missing, because I'm pretty sure all I want is one task.

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