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Aug 28, 2007
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It's back!
Due to recent changes in Forum software the Water Cooler can return better than before..
Anything is welcomed as long as it's within forum rules on taste and decency. Forum users will only be allowed to post up to 10 threads per hour as to not to swamp the rest of the site..
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Over the years, one of our finest members and staff members, whoosh, has contributed significantly to the Water Cooler. However, this does not mean that comedy should NOT be posted to the Water Cooler, just because he is posting a lot of content in the Water Cooler.

The goal of the Water Cooler is to provide you with an outlet for comedy and off-topic humor, whether this includes videos or other such enjoyable content.

Please keep this in mind if you see a lot of posts from our comedy extraordinaire whoosh!

We look forward to your contribution, question, or discussion in the Water Cooler!

Thank you.
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