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I have a partitioned hard drive and i think im going to install vista rc1 to my d drive which the on the hard drive..i will still have XP on the c drive. If i install vista and don't want it anymore is there a way to get rid of it? do you chose which OS to boot up?..and how do i restore XP if i need it?



Dual Boot

If you install Vista to the d partition on the drive, both windows xp and vista have a boot manager that will come up with two options which show each operating system, from which you can choose which one to boot. Vista's boot manager will come up and ask if you want to run Vista....or run an earlier version of windows, and if you select the latter, windows xp will boot up. One word of caution though, windows vista records partition information differently than's not a big deal, but if you use partition magic 8.0 to create the partitions, once vista is installed you should avoid using it again to modify the partitions. Partition Magic will return a partition error, and if you try to "fix" the error, the partition table will be shown as corrupt. In reality, there is nothing wrong with the partitions, and the data from both oses is still intact, but from experience, it is better to only modify the partitions from inside windows, or using norton's Ghost. I don't recommend changing the size of the partitions once both XP and Vista are installed, but aside from that, you should have no problems dual booting the two.

uninstall vista

is there a way to uninstall vista if i don't like it?

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