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    I have just upgraded from Vista to 7. That went well. Before I performed the upgrade I carried out a backup to a second HDD for the first time.
    I have just gone to search the back up and have dicscovered it is in 149 seperate files and one global catalogue.

    Apart from going through every file individually how am I able to put everything together? i.e all my photos, my music, individual games.

    I installed 7 on my other PC a couple of weeks ago and I manually made up files and placed what I wanted to back up in them. It was a bit of a task but am wondereing now if it was the smarter way.

    The back ups are on second internal HDDs.

    During installation I had to delete my internet security and the childrens' game "The Sims 2".
    Internet security I redownloaded but the Sims has all their saved games as well.

    At present "The Sims" is scattered amongst the 149 back up files. :confused:

    Thanks in advance,

    Life was so much simpler in the '60's.

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