Backlight level too bright


I'm using a Fujitsu S6520 that I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional (32 bit). The fujitsu comes with 8 preset screen backlight levels that can be adjusted via the fn key on the keyboard. Prior to this, I was using Windows XP on the same computer, and I used to set the backlight at level 3. After upgrading to Windows 7, even level 2 is too bright (it is slightly higher than level 3 on windows xp even), and level 1 is too dark. The jump is drastic. Oddly, when I am in BIOS mode, the backlight levels work fine. The jumps are gradual, and like how it was in Windows XP, level 3 is a comfortable level.

I notice that I can control the backlight via Windows Mobility Centre. But even there, the levels along the slider are preset. The lowest backlight is 1, the 2nd is 15, 3rd is 29 and so on. If there is a way that I could reduce backlight level 2 on my computer to around 10 or 11 in Windows Mobility Centre, that would be perfect. Is there any way I can do this?

I desperately need a solution. My display drivers are up to date.

Thank you.

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