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First my apologies for this question, it seems simple and it should be simple, so I must just be missing the obvious. So if you can help out I would greatly appreciate any assistance you might be able to offer. Here is my situation;

I upgraded Windows XP Ultimate 64bit on my machine to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Once I did this I created a backup of my system using the Windows 7 Backup and Restore control panel. I created a few of them over a few days having scheduled a daily backup of my system using the Windows 7 backup utility. I selected a Netgear network drive I have and every day the operation completed successfully. After about a week of running the new operating system and doing the backups, I decided that I should do a clean install. So I formatted my drives and began to do a clean install, by the way fastest OS install ever in the history of computers (impressive). One I did all the updates and loaded all my drives I once again got my network drive up and running so that I would be able to restore my files. Once again I went to the Backup and Restore control panel, selected the option "Select another backup to Restore Files from", selected "Browse Network Locations", and selected my network drive where I could see the file called "Backup Files 2009-11-07 180001" that had a sub File called "Catalogs". I selected the Backup file and pressed OK. I received the following message, "Windows was not able to find any backup in this location", " Please select a different Location".

This is a problem, because it does not matter which Backup file I choose from the many days of doing backups I receive the same error message. Fortunately I did a manual copy and paste of all my data just incase and the date is safe. But I must be doing some really stupid for this not work, this seems fool proof and it seems like a great way of securing your data on a daily basis, if it works properly.

What have I done wrong in this process and also is it possible to do incremental backups rather than complete ones everyday to save time and space? Also assuming that I did something wrong and this can be made to work once someone points out what I did wrong, can you just erase the previous backups if you are doing one on a daily basis if incremental is not an option, otherwise with all the daily backups you sure do start to take up allot of space.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, it is probably some step that is really simple and I am just missing the obvious. Thank you in advance for all who take the time to assist me

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