Backup fails due to Task Manager being disabled

Greetings all.

I attempted to backup my systems the other day when I recieved an error code. After searching this forum, It was determined that the code made reference to the fact that a necessary service was not running, in this case the Task Scheduler.

I have used the Services program (as an administrator) to attempt to restart this service, but in the properties every option in grayed out. I have checked and all dependant services for the Task Scheduler are running normally. I have run the checkdisk utility from the command prompt, and it did fix some corrupted files, but even after that the options are still greyed out.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I cannot even create a system image until I get this fixed.

Windows 7 Home Premium
HP 2000 Laptop
AMD E-450 processor
500 GB SATA Hard Drive


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What code was it exactly you got?

Does the service show as an Automatic Start?

Are you trying to set up a scheduled backup?

If you type taskschd.msc in the Start Menu search box and hit enter, what message do you get?

You might want to try a System File Check. Open an Administrative Command prompt then type SFC /scannow and allow it to finish. Let us know if any files could not be repaired.

The error code was 0x80070032.
I was trying to run a one-time backup.
The service shows as Disabled.
I performed the System file check. Same result.
I'll get back to you in one second on the taskschd.msc. I am currently in Linux, and have to re-boot.

taskschd.msc shows up in the start menu search results.


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But will it run?

The service seems to be started by a schedsvc.dll file. I think you said you did not have the option to set the service to Automatic start in Services.msc, which can also be started from the Start Menu search box, or by using Winkey+R.

I can run the program, but everything in it is grayed out, and There is an erro message reading "Failed to read Data". All options give the error "The service is not started" when I try to so them.


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I am having a little trouble understand exactly which program you are referring to. You can start the Services panel and find Task Scheduler? Right clicking on that shows everything grayed out and you cannot change the startup type. Mine shows the same way, so we need to go into the registry, if you are up to it and understand the risk..

The following key is where the Start options for the service is located. Your "Start" probably says 4 currently, we need to change it to 2.


Look in the right pane of regedit.exe and right click Start and Modify. Change the 4 to a 2 and click OK.

But something set it to disabled. Possibly some software you were using, or a virus.......I will look to see if I can find a Group Policy setting that might effect this.


I'll try that registry fix you mentioned. In the meantime I will run another virus scan, but I do that once a week, and have never had any hits.

I have a LOT of software, so no telling which one might have changed the registry value. I'll see what I can come up with.


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Also, the Services panel my not show a change unless it is started after the registry change.

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