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Hi – I am trying to setup a Win7 Pro PC backup so that the primary user does not have any admin rights. Setup Standard user login and then another separate login for file backups.

Created a new login called Backup1, and assigned this User Account to the Backup Operators Group, and Users Group. Rebooted, and logged in as Backup1. Attempted to run Backup. Get the following error:

The backup application could not start due to an internal error:
You must be logged in as an administrator to perform this task.

I then get presented with all existing User Accounts including Administrator and the option to enter the Admin Password. If I select Admin and enter Admin p/w it works ok. If I select any other option the backup fails.

I am at a loss as to how to sort this – I understood that adding a User Account to the Backup Operators Group would allow that User to run Backup (only) without the necessity of entering an Admin password. Can anyone assist me with this please. Thanks in advance.


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It's possible that you have an issue with conflicting permissions based on the user "Backup1" being included in the Users group. Try editing that users "Member of" tab in his account properties and remove the "Users" group. You will likely need to set his primary group membership to the Backup Operators group in order to successfully complete this task. He doesn't need to be a member of the Users group.


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Thanks for the reply Randy. I first tried this with the user Backup1 in the "Backup Operators" Group only as you suggest... but then user Backup1 was not visible on the intial W7 logon screen alongside Standard User logon button and Admin logon button ( - I only have 2 logon options visible if that makes sense).

User logon Backup1 only became visible on logon screen when added to "User" (or Standard or Admin) Group - I then had 3 User logon options - Admin, Backup1, Standard. And that's when the problems started where Backup/Restore requested Admin password.

The problem is evident if the Backup1 user account type is setup as Backup Operator, or Standard . No problem if it is setup as account type Administrator.

In other words - I can't really tell if it would work ok setup simply as " Backup Operator" as I can't see that button to logon UNLESS I add other permissions to that Group.

Hope all that makes sense.


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Hi Randy - tried that - no go. The PC is not in a Domain or Workgroup - it is a standalone office PC. In Backup & Restore I am selecting an ad-hoc backup of one folder (My Documents) to a memory stick. I have tried other folders within different Accounts with the same result
More information... There are 3 User accounts seup on the PC - Admin, User1 & Backup1, If I use netplwiz to add the Backup1 account to the Backup Operator Group, the Backup1 logon icon disappears from the Welcome screen, Admin and User1 icons remain. If I use netplwiz to remove Backup1 from Backup Operator Group to any other Group (e.g.) Power User, the Backup1 logon icon reapppears on the Welcome screen, but of course Backup & Restore then fails with the above error. I have created a new account - Test - and used netplwiz to add this to the Backup Operators Group - exactly the same results.

Setting Backup1 with Admin priveleges of course fixes the problem but defeats the purpose of trying to lock the PC down.


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Could you please test to see if this is an issue being produced by UAC by temporarily turning it off completely and see if the backup produces the same error?
Turn User Account Control on or off
Regarding the user account being hidden from the Welcome Screen if not included in the Users Group. I'm not too sure why this is happening since I no longer use the standard welcome screen and have configured my computer to use the classic Ctrl+Alt+Del Username and Password logon.
I do know that you can hide user accounts from the Welcome Screen if you have the following Registry Key configured
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList
Backup1 is present and a value of 0 is set

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