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Mar 31, 2011
I have a n external drive with Macrium images, photos, and other important files. I am running Windows 11.
I just tried to use the Windows image backup and it cannot work with exfat which the external drive is- Windows says the external drive needs to be formatted in NTFS.
How can I solve this without losing all the files on the external drive?
Have you installed Macrium on your Windows 11?
If so, there should not be a problem. Better to have a Macrium boot usb handy, but, run Macrium and gram you images and put them back where you want them.
I am running Windows 11 and it is backed up to 2 external drives with Macrium. They both work with the rescue media so all is fine.
The issue is one external drive is exfat and the other is NTFS.

Windows back up, if you care to use it, only works with NTFS not exfat.

Is here a way to change that exfat drive to NTFS so it too will work with Windows backup if I choose to use it without losing data?

PS I learned MS is deprecating it's imaging along with file history and recommends a third party. So my question is moot but theoretically could it be done?
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It seems formatting is not an issue but doing so without losing data is. I can always use a cloud to paste my data other than system images and can recreate those for a drive after formatting if I chose to. I am leaving it all alone for now. Thanks
The easiest and safest way to back up your Operating System is to create a System Image. Only install Windows and a minimum of other programs on the partition. My Windows partition is 200 Gigabytes a little over 100 Gigabytes is used.

I use EaseUS Todo backup to create the image. It's Free, very easy to use and has worked for me for many years, I started using it when I was beta testing Windows 7.

It will simply restore the entire partition and everything on it, including the Boot Sector. Don't put your Data or Software on the Windows Partition, and it will create the bootable media to start your computer and run the process in minutes.

My computer has 3 internal hard drives 5, partitions, and one external hard drive. If it doesn't boot, has malware or corrupted files I can fix it in about 20 minutes. You can store the backup file anyplace other that the Windows partition.

Once restored, the computer will run just as it did, nothing else has to be reinstalled or recovered. A complete fix in less than half an hour.
Everyone should have a System Image of their OS.
I will go to EaseUs if Macrium is gone as I have used it for years without a problem.
One comment if I may is not to keep at least one external drive connected unless using it b/c if hit by Ransomware the drive will be infected. I have two external drives to avoid that. Imaging my C:\ takes 3-4 minutes including verification.
Thank you
I should have said that I never have my external drive connected unless I'm using it. I also have another external drive with backups of all my real special stuff that I never plug in unless I need to recover the stuff someday, I hope that's never.

My main point is, don't put anything important but Windows on the C:\ drive. Actually I've never had any kind of serious malware, but I have had the computer become un-bootable because of corrupted files in the boot sector and things of that sort. If you can keep your System Image small you can recover your computer in just a few minutes. I learned that Windows doesn't care where you put stuff when I was beta testing and haven't had anything except Windows and related folders like the Users Folder on my C:\ partition ever since.

Windows on C:\ and Software on the D:\ partition.
All data on other physical drives.
I have two flash drives with my data and are always with me. Sounds like we both have a workable situation although yours is a bit more sophisticated.
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