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    I'm in the process of testing PCClone EX Lite, that came bundled with my docking station on W7, but what I'm more interested in is using it on XP, because I don't want the expense of buying another license for True Image for it.

    During the backup, it lists a number failed operations, either because the files were already in use or because of access being denied. I suppose that could be worked around by backing up the drive when it isn't in use, but that's not practical on my XP machine, because it is only single boot.

    Not sure how it applies to XP at the moment, but the two failures that I'm most curious about are for C:\Boot\BCD and C:Boot\BCD.log. Even though my desktop is a multi-boot system, and I always install OSs with all other drives disconnected, so there is no boot screen involved, other than the BIOS Boot Menu, I'm wondering just how essential those two files are to what in essence is a single boot machine?
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