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    When i use feature Backup of Windows 10, i see in Option "Back Up These Folders" some libraries as default.
    I know that i can add or remove libraries or i can exclude Folders.

    But, happens that, when i leave the backup and days ago i come to do another backup, it appears again with the same defaults an what i added before disappear, and i have to put it again.

    Why this happens and there is no way to save what i want and bypass the defaults?

    Where reside tese default libraries? Can i change them?

    Thank you for any help.

    Best regards
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    This is what I do.
    Go to Control Panel, select File History. Turn on File History if it's off. Then click on Run
    now to backup to your medium. If you are using an external drive, plug it in first and make sure that your drivers are installed.
    I also do a System Image Backup of my PC (bottom of File History pane).
    Let me know if this helps.


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