Bad benchmark of internal HDD?


From today i think i noticed that my hard drives performance seems to have gotten bad. I can't play AVI files normally, they stutter and it only does this on my internal hdd, not on my USB hdd.

I took a benchmark and the results seemed pretty bad, i don't know wether it is really problematic or ok, i don't have any experience with this.

HD Tune gives a warning state, about the Current pending sector (data=89) and the reallocated sector count (data=5). But i've looked up what those things mean and the values don't seem that high (disk is +- 2.5 years old).

Now what really worries me is the 0.4 MB/s minimum. The max and average seem fine but from the things i've found that graph indicates a failing drive...

But again i'm not sure.

If someone could take a look at my benchmark and could tell me what's going on it would really help me out!

Starting backup now just to be sure, while i can still access my files.

Thanks! benchmark.png health.png


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I would run a chkdsk /r. If it is the OS disk, you have to schedule it at boot.

I would run a chkdsk /r. If it is the OS disk, you have to schedule it at boot.
I've already performed a chkdsk /r before i analyzed with HD tune. Should've mentioned that.

Output (unfortunatly in dutch):

Het bestandssysteem op C: wordt gecontroleerd...
Het type bestandssysteem is NTFS.

Er is in een eerder stadium een schijfcontrole gepland.
Windows zal de schijf nu controleren.

Bestanden controleren (stap 1 van 5)...
824320 bestandsrecords verwerkt. De bestandscontrole is voltooid.
1533 records met grote bestanden verwerkt.
0 records met beschadigde bestanden verwerkt.
0 EA-records verwerkt.
81 reparserecords verwerkt.

Indices controleren (stap 2 van 5)...
1018662 indexvermeldingen verwerkt. De indexcontrole voltooid.
0 niet-geïndexeerde bestanden gecontroleerd.
0 niet-geïndexeerde bestanden hersteld.

CHKDSK controleert de security descriptors (stap 3 van 5)...
824320 bestands-SD's/-SID's verwerkt.
252 ongebruikte indexingangen in de index $SII
van het bestand 0x9 verwijderen.
252 ongebruikte indexingangen in de index $SDH
van het bestand 0x9 verwijderen.
252 ongebruikte security descriptors verwijderen.
De controle van security descriptors is voltooid.
97172 gegevensbestanden verwerkt.
Het USN-logboek controleren...
35227504 USN-bytes verwerkt.
Controle van USN-logboek is voltooid.
CHKDSK controleert de bestandsgegevens (stap 4 van 5)...
824304 bestanden verwerkt. De controle van bestandsgegevens is voltooid.
Vrije ruimte controleren (stap 5 van 5)...
13379819 vrije clusters verwerkt.
De controle op vrije schijfruimte is voltooid.
Het bestandssysteem is gecontroleerd. Er zijn geen problemen vastgesteld.

478355479 kB totale schijfruimte.
423527812 kB in 716663 bestanden.
366076 kB in 97173 indexen.
356 kB in beschadigde sectoren.
941959 kB in gebruik door het systeem.
Het logboekbestand neemt 65536 kB in beslag.
53519276 kB beschikbaar op schijf.

4096 bytes per cluster
119588869 clusters in totaal op schijf
13379819 clusters beschikbaar op schijf

Interne info:
00 94 0c 00 16 6b 0c 00 d1 a0 15 00 00 00 00 00 .....k..........
d4 a5 01 00 51 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ....Q...........
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................

De schijfcontrole is voltooid.
Een ogenblik geduld. De computer wordt opnieuw opgestart.

It reported no errors, just 356kb in damaged sectors. I did an error scan with HD tune and it reported 2 damaged sectors of 190MB each, which does not seem good. After this scan the current pending sector went up by 5 to 94. I don't know this is because of the scan or that the drive made 5 bad sectors in a few hours time...

The strangest thing is the benchmark now was pretty normal and also the file benchmark was pretty normal and constant. I did nothing but an error scan.

So i guess the drive just seems to be unreliable. Or is their any explanation why a benchmark suddenly seems a lot better?

If the current pending sector or reallocated sector count keeps getting up i'm just gonna replace the drive cause it seems like a never ending process...

Any extra info is appreciated!

Thanks benchmark2.png filebenchmark.png


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Yeah I saw that too: " 356 kB in beschadigde sectoren ". I could figure that out with my limited Dutch - LOL (I am German). Did you run the chkdsk with the /r parameter. Because only /r or /f would fix it, but /r is better because it will attempt to move the data (if there is any).

If you ran it with those parameters, then it is very possible that the disk got fixed. But mid term it may be smarter to replace the thing. Why take risks to lose data.

I would make an image of the partitions on the disk whilst it is still operational. Then you can dump that image on the new disk. I always use free Macrium for that. But you can use any other good imaging program - only not Windows 7 imaging. That is unreliable and plays all kinds of acts on you.

I did not do the command but i did it via properties and then tools, check disk and selected both, then restarted. As far as i know that means chkdsk /r?

I analyzed it with speedfan and it reported the bad sectors but then said there are spare left and i can move them by doing a read/write surface scan. But i'm not gonna do that before i've backed up my data.

And i think i'm just gonna buy a new one, i found them for 89$ so indeed why take the risk.

Thanks for the program, i'll defenately check that out!



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OK, if you need further assistance, post back. I'll be checking in from time to time.

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