Bad Pool Caller when playing games - Please help

Windows 7 64 bit
my specs are in my profile.

I started having this issue awhile ago, but never had much time to try to troubleshoot it, in fact, it went away for a little while...

I will play a game (starcraft 2) for maybe 40 minutes or so when the screen will screw up, make a buzzing noise, go the bsod and try to restart the computer. Sometimes it will restart without trouble.

There's also times where I will exit the game and go to youtube and it will crash then as well.

At the blue screen, I have seen these two error messages the most:
bad pool caller
irql not less or equal

Reading through others' posts on various sites, I have done the following:
updated various drivers, including my video
updated bios
installed the new version of Norton
ran memtest (no errors)

It also seemed to me that the machine was running loud, so I opened it up and blew out the dust. After this, the problem stopped for about a month. Now its back.

I'm going to run memtest a few more times, swapping out the ram, because it sounds like it doesn't always catch stuff the first time.

I've uploaded the two most recent minidumps.

Any help would be appreciated.



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The dump seems to be point to cng.sys (Kernel Cryptography, Next Generation), which is a Microsoft file and probably not the cause. So something else, probably a driver, is involved. You seem to have an an older file, asacpi.sys from 2005. I am not sure what it is connected to, but it might be some type of ASUS utility. If you are using such a utility, you might try to keep it from starting for testing.

Many of the other drivers I see are related to Norton, so you might disconnect from the net and try turning if off. It should be noted, that if Norton is involved, turning it off may not be enough.

The other dump file seems to be pointing at usbhub.sys, another Microsoft file. So all I can suggest is to check your USB devices and maybe disconnect them for testing.

Since I am not the resident expert on BSOD problems, others may have better suggestions.

I'm not sure how I would go about updating asacip.sys - if it's from ASUS, I don't see anything on their website for my motherboard regarding updated drivers or anything like that...

When troubleshooting this before, I was led to Norton's troubleshooting forum where they recommended I de-install Norton 5 and install norton 6. All that is up to date, but the problem persists.

As for checking the USB devices, I only have a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard plugged in. I can't really test that they're the issue because I don't have any wired mice / keyboards.

And I ran memtest for both ram sticks. They both checked out OK.

Edit - After posting the above, the computer crashed again.
Now, the computer won't turn on. The lights turn on, I can hear the fans, but nothing comes up on the screen and it never beeps like it's supposed to.

So.... what now?

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Any other ideas?

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