Ballmer Says Windows 8 Will be Pretty Important

Discussion in 'Live RSS Feeds' started by News, Jul 17, 2011.

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    I am sure Windows 8 will be important to Microsoft but I wonder how many people will buy it. I suppose it depends what's in it but I am not about to shell out another nearly £100 for an OS when Windows 7 works fine and I bet I am not alone. It might be great on phones and pads but what I have seen seems to put me off more than anything for a desktop. I don't need large buttons on the screen at startup.

    Of course, I will try out the Beta and RC when they come out, for free but I think I will be back to 7 after the free period. They are going to have to have a very, very tempting price to get me to buy. As for businesses, they have caught up with 7 yet - our local university if upgrading to 7 over this summer I think so there are not going to be any big sales there for a new OS for quite a while - they are coming up form XP.

    Of course, I might be blown away by it when I try it and with a solid state boot drive who knows....

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