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I was banned from another forum that was helping me solve problems on my computer. We were on page 28. I inadvertently put their email in spam. I was able to retrieve it, but I guess that wasn't good enough. They said I could never come back. I tried emailing them to no avail. Does anyone know what I can do or if there is someone to call? Thanks.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
All of these types of forums operate independently of one another and there is seldom any overlap or interaction, although it is not rare that some members here may well be members on other forums. If you could share the name of the previous forum perhaps someone here might be able to help although not likely.
Can't imagine what problem might have taken a 28 page thread to address, but if you'd like, you're certainly welcome to start over here and see if someone may have some idea as to how to help you.

Well, the 28 pages involved a lot of other problems with the computer that we just continued talking about rather than start new threads.
Yes I will continue on here, but right now I am so burned out with this computer, I can't stand to look at it.
I will start tomorrow. I know I have to put in my specs. I did that so long ago on the other forum, could you tell me how to do it and then we can get started. Thanks.

My computer is doing lots of crazy things, so I hope you are ready for me.


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We're a community, so it's sort of a joint venture thing.
I'm reasonably sure someone will have some ideas on how to help.


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We're crazy anyway, a bit more isn't going to hurt!!


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Yes.... well there is that.

Oh, I am so glad you said that - because I am not real computer literate even though I have used them for years and love them. But I already have a question. It has been so long since I filled out my system specs, where do I go to find them on my computer? And then I just copy and paste the info, correct?


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You can use device manager or the system information utility
By typing either
device manager
into the search or run dialog box and hit enter
or you can use the Speccy utility that is linked and described in the reference article I directed you to earlier in this thread.

Hi - I have been banned from another forum. Does anyone know how to get back in there? I was working on a clean install of windows and they just shut me out. I hope someone can help. thanks.


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Been through this before Patti, Somehow you got back in to Seven Forums. If you're not prepared to kiss ***, you're out. We could help you, as on the other forum I'm a member of.

But you insist on asking us on how to help you rejoin a forum. Well, if they don't want you, what can I say?

Last time you were here, I and others held out huge olive branches, but you waited to get back into SF (yes, I can surf as well!) and our advice was ignored.

Basically if you want back into SF, kiss butt, say brink is a God and kiss more butt, meanwhile we'll just plod along helping folks with genuine problems, who really want our help.

Now go grovel to the god known as SF. Or accept you have more than two brain cells and are far to clever for that forum.

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I will be happy to join this forum now. Last time, as is this time, we were right in the middle of fixing a problem. This time I was just in the middle of doing a clean install of Windows, but I have no idea in the world why they banned me. But I will use you now. My computer is loused up and I don't know why.

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I just reread your post to me - you sound aggravated and almost not nice. Just because I changed my mind once because it was necessary you have that attitude towards me. It is like nobody likes me and I don't know what I did. Could it be because you guys are smart and I am not?
You say genuine problems - I have very genuine problems. Elmer, if you don't want to deal with me will you please tell me now. As I said I was in the middle of a clean install and needed to get back in to finish, they were walking me through it.
I don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I have already been hurt enough.


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I don't think this is the whole story. But I will find out. I think we got us another Andrea type member.

What do you mean - an Andrea type member. I am confused.


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You will find out - over time.

OK, I don't like this ominous message. I get the feeling from this and then what Elmer said that I am not really wanted here.
Please let me know so I can find somewhere to go for help where I get positive vibes.
Thank you.

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Well, Trouble did welcome you and he is the admin of this forum. I just don't think you told the whole story of what happened at the sevenforums. If it was something trivial, John would not have banned you.

I suggest you tell the whole story because I will find out anyhow.

Who is "Trouble" and when and where did he welcome me? The only person I talked to was Elmer, and he wasn't very nice. It has been quite a while since I was on this forum. Why can't you go on different forums - is that what the problem is? I honestly don't know what I did on the other forums. After I was banned for some reason which I do not know why, I used my other email address, which I didn't know you couldn't do. Other than that saying I was banned, the notices just said I wasn't allowed on the site.
All I can think of is two of the members on the other forum said nasty things to me and it really upset me and I told them so. But if I got banned because of that, they should have too. I didn't say anything nasty or swear or anything.
I really don't know what is going on here. If you do find out, would you please let me know. I wish when something like this happened they would talk to you or something. They just cut you off for no reason. Is there a way to contact anyone from there and ask them?
I guess I am not welcomed here either, am I?

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