bar on top of desk top - i think it's a yahoo search bar

I have this bar on the top of my HP laptop desktop with Yahoo in it and several icons, then on the right side of this bar is a section titled HP Advisor. I want to delete this as I never use Yahoo and I don't have any idea what the HP Advisor is. How do I delete it? If I delete it will the HP Advisor deletion have a negative affect on my laptop? I thought I had gotten rid of it but it seemed to just be moved to the bottom task bar. Thanks for your time.


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Hi, did you check your 'add and remove programs' for the Yahoo browser bar? If it's there delete it. You find the above via 'Programs' found in the Control Panel.
It may also have a un-install icon in the start menu which can be used for the same effect...


Here is a work round from previous posts on this subject that seemed to work:
HP Advisor It may be that the user is referring to a taskbar item on HP computers with Windows Vista. The yahoo search feature is actually part of something called "HP Advisor". To remove, you have to right click on the taskbar, select toolbars, and select HP Advisor.

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