Windows 7 Bars around games

Hello all, i would like to thank everyone in advance for helping me with this problem.

The issue is that when i play games on windows 7, if the resolution of the game is smaller then my desktop resolution i get black bars either on top or on the side (depending if the game is widescreen or not). Its also like that for the desktop resolution, if i use smaller then max bars come around the screen (i have a laptop so my screen is widescreen resolutions).
I did NOT have this problem with vista, and i'm wondering what could be the problem? i have ati radeon 3100 and have the newest drivers for it.

I don't want to use the same as my desktop because i want to use lower for better performance for the games, is there a way i can make it "stretch" like vista did? or is it the desktop problem and when i fix that will games go back to normal as well.



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I had a similar problem with my HD 4850 when switching from vista to win7. I actually found a fix inside the ATI Catalyst Control Center. Open CCC and somewhere in the display configuration for your monitor ensure that there is no over/underscan. For some reason my CCC had a small degree of underscan turned on which led to the black bars you mentioned. A word of caution, when you start your games up and pick the native resolution the underscan may show up again. Just turn on any options for windowed mode and/or full screen and then turn off windowed mode again and the black bars should go away. Hope that helps!

thanks problem solved!!

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