Bart the Lamb

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    Bart, the lamb rejected at birth by his parents, has become so devoted to his carer Peter Mortin that he joins him at work in Norfolk.

    Bart was rejected by his parents Marge and Homer after he was born too weak to stand up and feed.

    The lamb one of only 300 rare Hungarian screw-horned sheep in the world faced certain death until he was rescued by Mr Mortin.

    Mortin a 42-year-old-company boss adopted the little lamb four weeks ago and the pair has been inseparable since.

    ‘I take him with me wherever I go as he needs constant care,’ said Mr Mortin

    He travels to the office every day and has made friends with Mr Mortin's colleagues.

    At home Bart likes to watch TV with the children, he 'sleeps with the dogs and cats, and loves laying in front of the fire,' says Mr Mortin.

    Bart is to be reunited with his parents when he is stronger.

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