base filtering engine BFE deleted


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HI all,

My BFE service Base Filtering Engine has been deleted by a nasty installer or whatever...

how can i manually reinstall the BFE service without a full reinstall ?
i don't have any system restore point available (never need this sh##ty feature in the past)
win7 x64

BFE service does not appear anymore in the "local service"
service has been deleted!



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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Have you tried the built in System File Checker?
Open an elevated command prompt (click start orb->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt) right click and choose run as administrator and type
sfc /scannow
see if that is able to find and repair any problematic system files.
Otherwise you may be left with either doing an In Place Upgrade Repair
How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2
Upgrade Install with Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums
In which case if your present install has service pack one, you will likely need a Windows 7 Disk with SP1 integrated in order to successfully complete such a repair.
In any case make sure you protect you critical data by performing a backup to some external media (USB Drive).
And for future reference turn on system restore as it is a very beneficial utility unlike in Windows XP, where it could be a bit of a crap shoot.


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thanks for the reply,

1-sfc /scannow worked only under safe mode AND did not put the BFE service back online... so one for not much...

2-i tried the upgrade: sh##tier than anything else since the upgrader stop in the middle telling me he cannot do its damn job it was designed for...

ahhh damn it!!!
to santa : wish windows could be forked, designed and supported by the linux community... ;)
no offense to microsoft's jackasses :-#

After installing the Norton AV program on my son’s computer (Windows 7) it had the Norton error 5013,3 which indicates that the Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service was not running.

I suspected some virus buried deep in the system so I ran all kinds of virus scans from Windows Essentials program and other 3rd party companies. The scans did find two Trojan viruses that were eliminated.

I then tried Norton’s instructions of manually starting the BFE service. Using the Windows Services app I discovered that there was no BFE service. Using the export function within REGEDIT I made copies of the BFE service as well as the MPSSVC service using my second sons’ computer that was running fine. I then installed the BFE and MPSSVC services on the faulty computer and hoped that it would get BFE running.
Note: Be very careful using REGEDIT. Recommend backing up the Windows Registry before making changes.

When I tried to get BFE running a pop up indicated some ACCESS Denied. I then realized the virus corrupted or changed some security features.

I came across the following articles that provided the next steps to get the bloody BFE service running. Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team. Start with the first article to give you an overview.
1. The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Introduction
2. The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Checking Privilege Access
3. The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Dependencies
4. The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Logon Permissions
5. The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Registry Permissions

When checking the security privileges get a second person to verify the entries because they are long and cryptic in style.
After completing the above I was able to get my son’s computer BFE running.

Good Luck

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

I've written a blog post outlining the reasons for this issue, and complete instructions how to fix it (separate .reg files needed for Vista and Windows 7):
Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service is missing: why did it happen and how to restore it

Unfortunately other info I've found on this subject is either incomplete (Windows 7 only), or gives dangerous advise (like relaxing the BFE service registry permissions too much, etc.), or does not explain why it happened and how to prevent this in the future.

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