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For personal reasons I'd rather not disclose, it has been years since I owned a laptop - now I am setting everything up and I want to get things right. I have completely forgotten how to create a folder - I am ashamed to say it. I want to create them by month, i.e. February 2021 for I plan to download quite a bit - also what is the difference between the DOWNLOAD file and the DOCUMENTS file? I screw things up royally and I would like to start out doing things properly - I feel the fool, but if you don't ask... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!


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Right Click and select New > Folder

From a technical perspective there is no no different between any folders. Download is usually considered a temporary location you download things to and move them to more permanent location such as Documents. Where data is stored ultimately is up to the user and there is no right way.


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For me, the Downloads folder is my .exe repository. The Documents folder contains documents, but I have numerous desktop and other folders that are more defined. The titles I give them usually suggest the type of content.