Windows 7 Battery Indicator Faulty, Causes Computer to go into critical mode


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Apr 8, 2009
I'm running Compaq Presario CQ40 with the following hardware:

Windows 7 build 7057
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 @ 2 GHz

The problem that i'm having is that windows constantly changes the battery indicator to show that i have little or no juice left even when i'm plugged in.

Usually when i'm plugged in, the windows change because i'm running on the "Power Saver" mode.. meaning that Aero is disabled in the power saver mode. Windows thinks that its running on battery.. even when the AC is plugged in. If I take out the AC and plug it back in.. then the battery indicator as well as Aero is restored.

When i'm not plugged in.. i.e. when i'm running on battery.. then mostly.. the system just thinks that i've run out of juice and goes into critical mode. That's when it hibernates or sleeps or whatever it does. I have to start the system all over again and the "system resume" is shown which says that my computer went into critical state and I have to plug in the power source before starting the computer.. but once i start the computer.. the battery levels are all back to normal again.

This happens sometimes when i'm plugged in as well.

I have tried to google it but i don't think a lot of people have this problem.. i couldn't find anything.

If anyone knows anything about this.. then please let me know.. I still have warranty on the computer.. so i can return it and get a new one if its a hardware problem.. otherwise.. i'll gladly ditch windows 7.
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