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Hi all, new to this forum, i just got a surface 3, love it. I just upgraded it to windows 10 from windows 8. this update sucks, battery life is quarter of what it was. When i unplugged it this morning it was at 100%, it sat for 2 hours without being used and the battery dropped to 75%. Anybody else having this issue and is there way to fix it? Just writing this post it dropped down 18%.


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I've found several people who said that they had similar problems after updating to Windows 10 on their Surface tablets.
They found that the drain was caused by the sound function and said that muting the speakers reduced the load on the battery.

Some reported that uninstalling the audio device in device manager and rebooting, (forcing Windows to reinstall the drivers) fixed the problem for them.

Start by disabling it and see if your battery drain goes away.



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Thanks for the help Mike, ok i disabled the mic, battery did get better. i want to try the next step of uninstalling the speakers. My question is, whats the process in doing that? if i uninstall the drivers for them they disappear from device manager, as soon as i restart it, theyre there again. i cant see the drivers getting installed that fast. Any help would be appreiciated.


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If you right-click a device in Device Manager and choose Uninstall, this will just remove the device and re-install it if you do a scan for new devices or reboot. If you want to completely uninstall the driver as well, after selecting Uninstall, check the box "Delete the driver software for this device". Run Windows Updates after that and it should grab the driver and re-install.

Thanks Neemobeer. I'll try it when I get a chance.

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