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Is it appropriate to use a laptop on ac power with no battery?

Is it appropriate or not....I don't know....I know that you can. The wife's battery died and she's been using it that way for over a year now with no ill effects.


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Do you keep the ac plugged in and use sleep or unplug it and boot when you want to use it?

My battery is done but I also have a heat and fan running issue. I have asked someone about that and am waiting for a reply.


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Yeah, just to be on the safe side just unplug it when you are done since it is not the recommended way of using a laptop. For your heat an fan issue, you might just need to do some maintenance cleaning like blowing away dust and making sure air vents are not blocked. Otherwise, if hot air can't vent out properly it will circulate inside and just keep your temps rising.


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I appreciate the information regarding the unplugging.

I have blown the vents etc. but it still seems to be racing. Recently I did a lot of downloading to get the right Linux distro and it seems to have begun then. Any ideas?

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