Battlefield 3 FREEZE Win 7 64bit ATI 4850


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BF3 was working fine till 2 days back with win7 32bit. But I just installed Windows 7 64bit.

Now im facing BSOD.

I just installed a new Windows 7 64bit with ATI 12.1 Drivers.
Im using ATI 4850 to play Battlefield 3 on my PC. But after 10mins game just FREEZES with a SOUND BRRRR and PC restarts.
So I removed all ATI drivers (12.1) Cleaned them with “Driver Cleaner Pro” from SAFE MODE. Cleaned every print with “Windows Install Clean Up”.

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Abhi Nash

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From my experience the BRRR sound [LOL] and the BSOD is because the computer gets tired so quickly,BF3[Epic] is a PC Resource Intense Game,and I suggest you switch back to 32-Bit or try updating your 64 Bit.If You Still the problem try changing your Board and PC-Specs I run games on my AMD and works fine.
Or Try This:-
1.Right click the .exe file of the game.
2.Click on the compatibility tab and Check the Run This Program In Compatibily Mode for and select Windows XP.
3.Then Check Turn OFF DPI settings
4.Apply and Okay
5.Run the game
6.If it doesn't crash---Profit!
Hope this helps


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hey guys.

I fixed the problem. I updated my motherboard BIOS, and updated ATI drivers. But still it was crashing.

So i ran the GAME... BF3.exe and Origin as ADMINISTRATOR, and it worked.

My entire story: Link Removed - Invalid URL