Windows 7 Battlefield: Bad Company 2


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What do you guys think of BC2?
Do you have the beta for PC?
What about the demo for the Xbox 360/PS3?


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I have the pc beta, and like it very much. I left battlefield when cod 4 came out. After MW2 not having dedicated servers, I guess it's time to get back to battlefield.

The games not perfect (what game is), but it has a lot of action. The destructible environment rules, and the graphics are nice. I really don't miss prone, but I kinda wish I could lean. The balance is good, but if your team has too many snipers it's really hard on offense. If you could limit it to one sniper per squad, I think that would fix the problem. Hopefully it will be a little better optimized for the pc, although it runs fairly well on my budget pc. So far I give it a B-.


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Sadly Bad Company 2 on PC also has the KIA LAN SERVER issue of MW2, shame cos the beta was mint.

So, now that it is released (although some would argue it is still beta!), what are your thoughts on the game and EA's handling of launch day? I am not happy with the experience, but I am not also going to go off on a swear filled rant about things because, in the end, it is just a game... just want to know what the experience was for everyone else.


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I actually haven't picked up the full game yet, I'm planning to get it over March break. From the videos I've seen, some of the new maps seem kinda crappy, but that's just a prejudice statement ;)

It is working a lot better than day 1 now, but there are major issues which need to be patched.. like the game just quitting (and you losing all your points for that match), or not being able to connect to any servers or EA's network. But when the game works, it is fun, especially in a squad.

I just wish more companies were like Blizzard and put a game out that works well, regardless if the have to delay the release, instead of sticking to a release date and throw whatever code they have done out the door and patch later.


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Got the full game, stayed up all night doing the campaign, wasn't bad, moderate difficulty.
The new multiplayer maps are awesome! Arica harbor is the best in my opinion.
What do you guys think?

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