Windows 7 Battlefield Bad Company 2


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Just figured I'd mention that myself and a few fellow conspirators have leased a dedicated server for Bad Company 2/Vietnam, it's hosted at Multiplay/London as we are are UK based, and currently it's only 20 players but we aim to boost this to 64 in comming months if we get enough donations, you can catch us on facebook and as you'd expect clan members that donate get a VIP slot.

To play as a non member simply search "Multiplay :: KGB UK" on the game browser, sometimes it'll be in modern mode, sometimes in Vietnam mode, as we see fit at the time, we tend to prefer "Rush" mode. Just remember as the clan grows vacant slots will be on a first come basis to non-VIP.

Don't bother if you are a hacker/cheat, you will get a permanent ban.

Catchya later folks.
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