Befuddling(and Distressing) Windows 7 Activation Issue

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    Okay, it's befuddling and distressing to me, which might not be saying much.

    I just got my copy of windows 7 today and installed it. Entered the product key and it was accepted. Everything seems to work fine. Then I went into the System area in Control Panel and noticed the prompt to activate windows. I did so and it says that windows is activated. As far as I can tell, my copy is genuine and the product key works. But when I go to Microsoft's website to ask them about a file-moving issue, and I enter my product ID, it tells me that my copy is NOT activated and that I'll be charged for direct contact with them. Also, when I select the option to have Microsoft detect my ID itself(instead of me entering it manually), the site says that it's unable to locate it.

    What the hell is going on? Is there some kind of delay in Microsoft's recognition of an activated product? Or was I taken for a ride by a supposedly trusted seller?
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