Behind the Scenes with Storage Replica and RDMA

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    I got pinged a while back to help out the FileServer team with explaining StorageReplica in "Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2" - I of course jumped at the opportunity. I met up with Ned Pyle to talk about options and we quickly came to the decision that we wanted to do something different. Instead of your traditional whiteboarding piece (yes there are whiteboards in use, but none were hurt during the filming of this video) lets get down to a lower level of discussion and involve some RDMA parts and SMB3 parts as well as a possible field trip to see a test rig.

    Sign me up!

    Here's the product of our collaboration. Very cool video, nice depth on how everything works together AND a field trip to see a couple of test Rigs in their test lab.

    Make sure to follow @NerdPyle on twitter - yes he finally got himself an account. The FileServer team main blog can be found at where you will find a bunch of screencast videos Ned and team have been putting together around these and other TP2 technologies.


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