Belkin F5D7000 - Driver - Version 6000

Hi Guys, I have just installed Windows 7 x64, very nice, installed quickly and easily, but whilst installing, one of my mates reminded me about drivers, i panicked and used another computer to go online and download all the drivers i would need for graphics card (which works fine) and wireless card (which i cant get to work).

Now i have read up and googled this problem for hours and still no luck, i have heard things like try compatiablity mode and physically connecting the computer to the internet and update it and it should be fine, but still nothing.

can anyone help me, thanks

Belkin United Kingdom : Support : Network Adapters : G : F5D7000uk : v6000 <--- This is the link to the driver download site i got the drivers from.

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Did you click on the FAQ tab? Note it says
These drivers will install on 32 bit operating systems but not on 64 bit systems, which is the normal and expected behaviour.
I would seem you need a new adapter, or for now, you need to use Ethernet.

Well i installed the Version 8000 didnt make it work but as i was connected to the internet throught ethernet, Windows 7 found an update for it and now it works so im all happy now, thanks anyway :p


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Pretty clever!!! Thanks for the update.

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