Windows 7 Benchmarking software?


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I am a pc enthusiast, and am trying to get one of the futuremark programs so I can test windows 7 performance for myself, along with my new hardware......but Im not sure if I should use pcmark vantage since it is made for vista...any ideas?


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Benchmark software, as long as it runs, should give you an accurate result for the OS it runs on. Meaning, you may not get a result comparable to Vista's, but you could always compare with other Windows 7 results.

Some other good benchmarks - Sysoft Sandra, Cinebench R10, WinRAR and pretty much any 3DMark or PCMark program by Futuremark.


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Hi gamerpyrate and Wecome to Windows7forums! :)

Just keep in mind though that Win 7 is still in Beta stages so benchmarking it won't give you as solid of numbers to go by as you'd get if benchmarking a finished OS.. ;) But none the less it will give you a good idea as to where Win 7 is at this point in time in terms of performance though.. Curious, you said you have some new hardware.. care to post your system's specs? I always like to hear about new rigs, especially when it's a fellow pc enthusiast who built the rig.. :)


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Im using vantage on win7 with no probs, well actually I do have a problem. Im down almost a 1000 points since my highest score in Vista (P16000 or so). Right now Im using catalyst 9.1 on x64 win7 and my latest benchmark is P15092