Insider Preview Benchmarking Windows 10


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Found this. I stress it is unofficial and, as the author says towards the end, it is a very early build.
I have run my own amateur tests with Windows 8.1, with +/- the same results.



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Its not a benchmark of windows but of the game--- for what its worth--- my own tests show windows 8.1 to be only a little faster than the 10 demo and 8 is faster still but as 10 is just a demo that doesn't count for much.


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For performance, maybe that is a point of view?

You have to run something, to put a benchmark through its paces, and a game is probably the best and hardest test.


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The 8, 8.1 and 10 differences are so minimal that I would not lose any sleep over it. I recommend to use a good SSD - then the performance is practically equal.


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I'm seeing an improvement in 10 over 8, but I assume that a lot of that is because my Windows 10 install is fresh and doesn't have a lot of junk in it that my Windows 8 install does.

I remember that I found the same when I installed Windows 8 when I was running 7, I thought wow this is fast.
Later on it did't seem that much different.

It's hard to attribute whether the difference has anything to do with the OS or not, but even my games are running better.