Best Alternative to Bitlocker – password safe USB stick?


Formerly, on my business laptop I´ve used Bitlocker with the Win pro edition. But now I changed my PC and to a home edition without Bitlocker.

Therefore I am looking for a similar alternative, mainly to password save my external USB stick. The documents and information on that USB are not that sensible, but I would prefer to encrypt it, just in case I loose it.

I´ve tried open source programs like VeraCrypt and AxCrypt, but they are really a way to complicated.

VeraCyrpt takes too long time. Every time you plug/unplug the USB you must manually mount/unmounts the USB. This is really too time consuming.

AcCyrpt does only encrypt files (not the hole USB), this means each time you add new files to the USB you must start running a new encryption. …even more time consuming.

Is there no similar program to Bitlocker, just to password save your USB (I´ve also used FireVault from Apple, also pretty simple and cool program, but naturally not available for Windows).

Thanks in advance!!


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I don't use them myself but would it not be easiest to buy a usb stick which incorporates protected access.


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You might try truecrypt. I have used it a few years ago and had success with it.

Hi Sonny, I think TrueCrypt was discontinued and VeraCrypt is it successor, not?

I've tried now over 6 different encrypting apps and I believe so far the best was DiskCryptor.

But I still would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks !!!

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