Windows 7 Best Buy giving discounts for Windows 7 to upgrade from Vista?

I just noticed a memo today, supposedly from Best Buy, that was leaked online. It says they're giving discount coupons to upgrade to Windows 7 for those who buy a Windows Vista PC between June 26th '09 through July 11th '09. It continues to say that with the discounts Windows 7 Home Premium will be $49.99, and Windows 7 Professional will be $99.99 after the discounts. Is there any truth to this? I already have a Windows Vista PC (DELL). Will they give discounts to current Vista owners? I doubt it but it would be great.

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Hello and welcome,

yes this had already been reported, however, personally I'd wait until Windows 7 is actually installed by the manufacturer.

Other wise they better start pulling more people off the street to answer the deluge of questions new users are going to experience trying to upgrade.

Just me opinion.

So, I guess since I already have Vista before these discount offers I wouldn't be eligible?


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True, but I'd call and bitch anyway.

Who knows what might happen, I've gotten my way by arguing with the manufacturer.

True, but will bitching help? Has bitching worked for you in cases like this?


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Not in this particular case, put I bought an HP and had several problems.

Their solutions were ridiculous and I insisted they send me out parts for it........and they did, even got the 4 DVD recovery disk set for free.

Oh well, what can u do right? I have seen the supposed prices that have been rumored online, and they aren't that different from the price of Vista when it was released.


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Wouldn't be surprised if they offered a tempting Upgrade price to Vista and XP users.

Otherwise , many wouldn't change - if what they have works for them - not many will be rushing to shell out $299 or even $150.

$50 would probably do it.

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