Best dvd ripping software for win 7???

i would like to know what everyone's opinion is on the fastest, most versatile and reliable dvd ripping software, that is compatible with win 7. i want to rip to hard drive, not to burn a dvd.

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DVD Shrink 3.2 is working allright with windows 7 RC.


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DVD Shrink 3.2 is working allright with windows 7 RC.
Nero works fine this way :)

AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter both seem to work fine.


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I chose DVD Fab Decrypter (older version 4) along with DVD shrink.

I always remove other languages and stereo formats and just keep Dolby Digital or DTS.

DVD Decrypter is the way to go


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I do a lot of encoding/ripping and for me the only program I use is DVDFab

Nero works fine this way :)
Nero is an abomination these days

Depends on what you need to do to the DVD. Ultra ISO can "Replicate" the entire dvd to HD which you can then mount as a "Virtual" DVD to play it with normal software WITHOUT COMPRESSION. Works on copy protected DVD's as well.

If you have one of those nice little passport WD external USB drives (320GB) you can copy around 75 - 80 entire DVD's to one of these devices.

Otherwise copy it with some DIVX decoder -- a lot of "Ordinary" DVD players will play DIVX so you don't have to watch the DVD on a computer.

This stuff USED to be free -- however some of these sites are getting very sneaky -- they often say FREE DOWNLOAD but sometimes the actual SOFTWARE isn't free.

I still think this one is.

How to rip DVD to DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, RM?


I use AVS for re-encoding (to DivX, Mp4 etc) but not for ripping a dvd.

Is there any software for ripping parts of a homemade DVD, i.e. where I have recorded our favourite TV shows direct from Satellite or DVB and we only want to keep some of them?

Legal threats have deterred some of the larger software companies from distributing DVD ripping software. Thus the only software you will find will be from companies you may not have heard of. Do an online search on "DVD ripping software" for a list of options. Compare different products, read any disclosures carefully, and look for non-biased reviews (5 best dvd ripper review comparisons) on the products to decide on the right product for yourself.

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