Best way of resolving inability to start WIndows 7

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    Feb 7, 2012
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    W7 starts to load, but before it is accessible it throws a BSOD. Repair attempts log says that a bugcheck 116 error code 490 has been detected. According to posts here, that means that the video driver is shot - or something like that.
    The suggested methods of correcting this error are impossible - I never get to a 'logged in' state.

    I can see the following ways to solve this:
    1) remove the Nvidia graphics card and connect the monitor to the integrated graphics port
    2) manually replace the nvidia driver(s) (which? where?) on the disk (more work, I can access the folders and files using my 'normal' OS (Linux)
    3) re-install W7 (boo.. )

    Any suggestions on how to proceed, or other ways to resolve this?

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