Beta expiration applying to RC?

I currently have the RC installed, but prior to this installation I had the public beta installed. Before installing the RC I performed a complete wipe followed by a clean install. A couple weeks ago I started receiving expiration notifications. I am now being affected by the bi-hourly shutdowns meant for beta users. I have tried using several different legitimate RC product keys, none of which helped. How could the timer have been transferred to my new RC installation? I am running build 7100, and everything is genuine.

-Extremely confused. And annoyed. :confused:

Isn't it?

Thanks for replying, I wasn't sure if this was a new problem or not. I wasn't aware Microsoft offered support for Windows 7 yet, which way would be the best to contact them?

I would suggest reinstalling.. a clean install will most likely fix things.. ;) Not sure why it would be doing that but like I said, a clean install should fix it.. :)

Sounds good

Alright, that sounds like a logical option. I can wait a couple days though to see if Microsoft responds to the problem, I'm curious to see what they say before I reinstall.

No Response

Hey, so I guess there hasn't been any response from Microsoft about the issue, so I'll probably be going ahead with the clean reinstall as I don't want to be left with a dead computer on August 1st. I'll probably post the results after this weekend.

Oh really?

That's great that you've heard back, did they have a solution?

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