Windows 7 Beta to Rc1 Upgrade problem


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May 13, 2009

first of all, I know: It's more nice to do a clean install. But because I'm using 7 as main OS, I just can't waste the time at the moment... And I'll do Microsoft the honor to get a nice bug (or is it a feature?).

I burned iso to dvd, extracted to my laptop, changed the .inf data, ran the application, but after clicking on upgrade (after that everything worked perfectly on my pc), I get a compatibility report saying (translated):

-To do an upgrade to Windows 7 you need to run windows vista sp1 or higher on your pc. the latest service pack can be installed over windows update. (...) more information about windows vista service pack (link...)

-There are folder or file names on partition (C) that the new Windows installation will need to use. Please rename the following folders or files: C\Program Data. --> notice that it says "the new installation"

-At the moment there are more than one users logged in at windows. Please ask the other user to log off.

Does anyone know why I get this kind of errors? Seems like 7 thinks it was upgraded on Vista, or even installed?

regards, Buembel

Hello Buembel,

Welcome to the Windows7 forums.

If you have just upgraded the system, it would be well worth the time to do a complete "clean" re-install

when you upgrade any operating system, there are hundreds of useless files left behind and these files may be causing your problems.

Otherwise you may be posting here so many times, that the re-install would be quicker:)